Started by Mr Ken Denham, a local businessman, with Ernest Adderton an accountant and a small group of other people who formed a Committee. They started in a small hut behind the old police station in Chesham. The clubhouse had with a small boxing group (Jackie Wilie was one of the boys). It was known then as the Chesham Boys Club and they joined up with the London clubs in about 1948/1949. This lead to the formation of the London Boys Clubs. It was realized at the time that the Young People needed a space of their own to use and ‘chill’.


In 1950 Bucks County Council opened up the Old Drill Hall for use in recognition that Chesham Boys Club had outgrown the hut as numbers had risen. With help from both Chesham Urban District Council (Now the Town Council) & Bucks County Council, the keys were given to Ken Denham and they moved in that year. The Boys Club ran out of the Old Drill Hall and Ken and Wife lived in the Drill Hall Cottage next door until their death.  


After their deaths, the then Chesham Youth Club ran with help from Bucks County Council and several other small agents (Peter Boyle - The Boys Club of England, Peter Rice - BucksCC Rep)

The Club ran like this for a long time until Bucks CC took over the Outreach Youth Work of the Youth Club. It was also run along with a small Admin team inc Mr S Ottley who ran the office and a few part-time workers including PC D Bray. The chair of the Management Committee was Mrs D Brackley.


In 2000/2001 working with the then Youth Worker Gill Walker we teamed up with our new president Mr Derrick Hunt the owner of MFI and Redford Builders. We started work on the refurbishment for the building we started with the downstairs coffee bar fitting a new kitchen and serving area. The work was carried out on the rest of downstairs. It was split into 4 rooms.


  • The Art Room

  • The TV Lounge

  • The Pool Room

  • The Computer Room

We also had a new kitchen fitted upstairs and the whole building was painted inside from top to bottom. 


In 2005 Gill Walker left the now called Chesham Youth Centre. We had a series of temporary Youth Workers until 2008 when we had Rachel Tompkins take over.


Rachel brought her own individual style of Youth Work to the centre and worked with some of Chesham’s Minority communities until 2011 when Bucks County Council removed all its support from the Youth Centre.


Between 2011 and 2015 we ran with Thomas Pirouet as manager along with Session Workers Lou & Richard as well as Volunteers.


Now in 2017 we are run solely by volunteers and rely on donations and support from local businesses & community groups for the majority of our funding.